Thursday, March 15, 2007

Picture Drama

Today was 2 year picture day for Mr. Bailey. Let's just say he wasn't all that enthused about being at the Our Heritage, the studio we have been going to since we got married, let alone having his picture taken. He began his tantrum the moment I pulled the key out of the ignition in front of the picture place. I intentionally didn't dress him completely in his adorable seersucker suit because I feared him laying on the ground or something before we made it to the picture place. Sure enough, once I got him out of the car, he layed his body on the pavement in the parking lot. A woman inside saw our drama and came out to help me. She carried Maverick in while I tried to wrangle Bailey off of the ground. Once inside, the drama continued. All I could do was laugh. What I wanted to do to him would've gotten me reported to DSS! One of the photographers told me to see if I could take him for a little walk and calm him down. I attempted that, but every time I turned like I was going to walk back inside, he screamed! When I finally did take him in, he threw himself on the floor. One of the other photographers asked what was wrong with him and the other said, "He's 2!" Enough said!! They finally were able to get him to go back to one of their studios and got him calmed down. These 2 women worked tirelessly to get him to take a good picture. I would've given up way sooner than they did. They ended up getting about 5 shots. I watched through a peep hole in the hallway and every time they'd have him ready to take a picture he'd put his hand in his mouth or something. At one point he covered his eyes hoping they couldn't see him since he couldn't see them. I wanted to get a picture of the boys together, but they said they didn't trust Bailey to sit on the table that close to Maverick and I didn't either at that point. After they finished what they could get out of Bailey they did a few of Maverick that turned out really cute. Bailey was fine while Maverick was having his pictures made, but he didn't appreciate having to wait for our proofs. His tyraid continued until we had finally pulled out of the parking lot and were headed away from Our Heritage. Let's just say I was thoroughly embarrased and I'm sure if I ever made another appointment there they have me on the bad list and won't want me to bring Bailey back in there. Since we're moving, we won't be going back, but it will still rank as one of the most mortifiying experiences of my entire life.


Matt said...

I was glad to include you on my list.
I don't have kids and with your experience I am terrified to have them b/c of those times like you had.

Beth said...

This is the best thing I've read in a while!!!

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