Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Home HOT Home

We made it back from Waco yesterday all in one piece. It's really an easy drive from there to here, but it does start getting long when you go for hundreds of miles looking at fields of oil rigs and not much else. All the way home, as we'd go through these little barren towns, I would ask myself and sometimes we'd ask each other how people live in these places! I guess I'm spoiled and have always lived in decent sized cities so small town, rural living is a foreign concept to me.

Now that we're home, I have several missions (Sing with me all you Little Einstein fans "We've got a mission...."). 1) Join a gym with childcare (and a military discount) so I can go workout during the day and take the kids with me 2) Make friends with other stay at home moms so I can get out of my house during the day 3) Start weening Bailey from his "pa" (pacifier) 4) Get us all in some sort of routine - if you know me, you know that I am not a routine kind of person. Discipline isn't my strong suit, so routine is a challenge! I have other "missions" that I need to get to, but I won't bore you with those details.

I'm starting to get worried about our whole swamp cooler situation. It's not even the hottest part of the summer and it doesn't get very cool in our house. Last night I came and slept on the couch for a little while because it was cooler in the living room than it was in the bedroom. I'm sure us not being home for 4 days and having no circulation had something to do with yesterday's heat. We've talked about buying a window unit air conditioner, but I just can't get past the redneck look of that from the outside of the house!
Our other option is just to have a fan in every room.


Jen Dub-ya said...

2 words...Gold Bond.

Peggy said...

Hey Jen, do you guys have all your windows cracked in your house? The swamp cooler can't circulate air properly if the house is air tight, so all your windows need to be open just a little bit. Maybe you already knew that, but, just in case.... You also do get used to it somewhat, but that's really no comfort, I know! I'd gladly send you my snow! It's warm and sunny this week, so we are thrilled!

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