Wednesday, June 6, 2007

All Boy

We've lived in El Paso for 2 full months now and all this time, Bailey's little playhouse has been laying in a pile on our back porch. Last night we were out there playing so I decided to bite the bullet and put it together. I had made up my mind that it was going to be hard to put back together without the directions so I've been procrastinating. As soon as I started putting it together, Bailey acted like he had just been given the greatest gift ever given. Before the roof was on or walls screwed together, he was standing in the middle of it saying 'doer, doer.' When I had it completely put together, he decided that it was no longer going to be a house, but a garage for his tonka trucks and any other wheeled device he could get through the door. I knew when I started they would end up in there, but didn't realize how quickly he would formulate and carry out that idea himself. He got mad because he couldn't get the car his GG and Paw Wade got him for Christmas when he was 9 months old through the door. I can only imagine what he'll try to get through that door now!

We've also decided that we're not going to have gender identity issues with Bailey because he is your typical boy! If he can get dirty, he'll do it! He's been sort of digging in the dirt beside our carport for a few weeks. Yesterday I decided I would see if we had a shovel or some other 'tool' he could use to dig instead of his hands since I could only imagine how dirty his fingernails were going to be. His teachers at the FBC Rock Hill Mother's Morning out (Oh how I miss Ms. Terri and Ms. Kay!) gave him a sand bucket and guess what was attached to it - a SHOVEL. So now he's shovelling dirt into his dump truck and dumping wherever he takes the notion. You should've seen his bath water last night! It was absolutely gross from all the dirt and sand that came off his little body.


Matt said...

Wow! This brings back memories of my childhood days. Just make sure you get Bailey drinking the brown bath water on video!

Anonymous said...

That is cool. Sounds like he and "my Josh" would still get along pretty well. :-) I wonder if they would remember each other?
(i'm glad you gave instrutions for anonymous comments for the slower computer crowd HA)

Grammy said...

I remember when Bailey's mother loved to dig in the dirt, and for some reason, my soup spoons used to disappear. I guess I should have bought her a shovel. Grammy will be there this afternoon to help him wash that dirt off his garage. I'm coming to kiss on you Bailey & Maverick!!!!

Anonymous said...

Bailey's dad had those same Tonka toys and loved to dig in the dirt and load it into the dump truck. I am so glad we have an "all boy" who loves to get dirty and hava a good time. Thanks for describing these things for GG and Paw so we can know what our precious boys are doing so far away.

We love you all!!!!!!!!!

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