Friday, July 20, 2007


Today brings with it at least 2 momentous occasions.

1) Jake officially graduated from BOLC III. That's pronounced 'bowl lick' and stands for Basic Officer Leader Course. Obviously the III means this was the 3rd section. He received the Iron Leader award for having the highest Physical Training score for his class of 34. He got a nice little eagle trophy and received 2 commemorative coins. Commemorative coins are given to soldiers at special events and as deemed appropriate by the powers that be. So far Jake has 3. Now he has his first real Army job!

2) VBS IS OVER!!!!! and ended with a bang of my emotions. Not good! I'll sum it up as briefly as I can. This will sound odd after my glowing report yesterday. Here's the summary - a. my authority as the music leader was seriously usurped and I just had to disappear at the end to keep from going postal on a few people. It definitely was the culmination of what I had been dealing with since I agreed to do the music. I haven't filled out my evaluation form yet because I am trying to let my emotions die down so that I can be as tactful as possible. I really did enjoy the week for the most part! b. Bailey went MIA while I was picking up Maverick and his stuff. He went up the stairs to my classroom, but I wasn't with him! Normally he just hangs out in the nursery waiting, but I think he's gotten so comfortable being at church this week that he decided he could wander off alone. c. Bailey made more mess than I could clean up while I was trying to be a helper and clean up our classroom d. Bailey escaped the front door of the church into the parking lot and people just let him go by. I had to drop my load and hold Maverick tightly while I went chasing after him. e. I left the church in tears and Bailey refused to take a nap when we got home. Needless to say it wasn't a pretty afternoon!

In other VBS news, Maverick's teachers made him a shirt that says My 1st VBS and gave him a personalized gift bag with lots of pictures and a little book with pictures and verses. They even wrote us a thank you note for letting them spend time with him this week. They really are super sweet. Ms. Ruth even told me today that she hoped he didn't get too spoiled this week!


Jen Dub-ya said...

Congrats, Jake!!! That's great - so now you get a "real" army job? =) And Jen, I'm proud of you for not going postal on someone for being useless!!! Who lets anyone's child run into the parking lot???

Cindy said...

Congrats to both of you!
Sorry for your church experience. You have quite a bit of restraint, I may not have had!!

AMANDA said...

Way to go Jake! Jen, you are made of stronger stuff than I! Like I have said before, I hope that church knows what a gift they recieved in you!!!!

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