Monday, August 13, 2007

When LT's away...

The Wades must play.....Jake is out doing the monthly field training thing this week so the children and I are home alone. It's like old times - minus friends and family nearby! I've been working on getting us some activity during the day. So far we're planning a trip to Carl's Jr with friends for lunch and maybe even a trip to the little water play place here on post. We've never been because I'm afraid of how stressed out I'll be chasing Bailey and keeping Maverick shaded all at the same time. If I can get some friends to go with us, I think I'll be alright. I also think that I won't have to don a bathing suit to go since it's just kiddy water stuff. That's a plus...Today we went to Michael's and bought some frames so I can work on hanging the hundreds of dollars worth of pictures we have that are all hidden away. We also went to a Walmart Neighborhood Grocery store for the first time. I've never seen one before and since I was on that side of town I decided to pick up the few grocery items I needed there. It's basically the grocery section of a Super Walmart, except a lot more asthetically pleasing. And they had multiple cashiers open with no waiting. You don't get that at Super Walmart EVER!

If you're wondering what a Carl's Jr is, for all my East coast readers, it's the equivalent of a Hardees, only more kid friendly! They have the same logo and menu as Hardees, but all the ones in El Paso have super nice play areas! There are 2 brand new ones very close to us. The other plus about the Carl's Jr that we go to is the big play gym thing has an actual stair step entrance. All mothers of short children know how important this is. Some of the play gyms and McDonald's and ChickFilA have these platforms that are to spread out for Bailey to be able to climb up by himself. The fact that he can walk right up the little stairs to the big part of the play gym is HUGE and a big relief for me because I don't have to go and hoist his big butt up each step!

I also decided today that it's time I get super serious about shedding my extra baby pounds. The days of regretting my pregnancy McChicken sandwiches and milkshakes are here!! So this morning I put in a Walk Away The Pounds. Bailey came and watched me do it and had a good time. You should see him kick and do a knee raise! He only raises one leg, but it's hysterical to watch. He did get knocked over a few times while he was running circles around the living room. It didn't phase him.

Oh yeah - I didn't mean for this post to get so long - I keep forgetting to tell you about Bailey's love for the VBS Game Day Central music. I didn't turn in my cd and one morning Jake put it in the cd player in the car and Bailey got excited. I don't know if he listened to it in his class at VBS or if he just heard it the few times I listened to it in the car. Regardless, now every time we get in the car and I'm buckling him in, he says "kee, kee, kee." That's the Keep Keep Keep the Pace part of the Theme Song. He also likes the ABC Strategy and points to his head every time he hears it. I've tried to teach him some motions, but it's hard to do that and drive at the same time. I have NEVER listened to VBS music after VBS was over, but things have changed! It is fun to see him get so excited about it, though.

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Anonymous said...

I wish I was there this week to help with the LT away. I hate that part of it because I have been there and done that by myself. It is not fun but it makes you strong. I am praying hard for you this week and shedding a few tears too.

Love You!!!!!!!

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