Sunday, September 9, 2007

Great to Be an Auburn Tiger

As many of you know, I married into an Auburn Tiger family. Every fall since I've been part of the Wade clan has been very entertaining. I guess that's one way to put it! You see, my husband and his brother, are what I would consider FANATICAL about their Tiger Football. They often act like they know the players and coaches personally, like they're best friends and that Tommy Tuberville is going to be calling them for advice! I can tell you, though, they've never been friends with Brandon Cox, Auburn's current QB. For obvious reasons, this season will be very different - so I thought!! We probably won't see many Auburn games living in West Texas and since Josh is in Afghanistan there won't be any dinner discussions about how good or bad the team played, etc. From what I hear, though, they NEVER play good! Really, Auburn could blow USC (currently ranked #1) out of the water like 75 - 0 and I assure you, there would still be some "they should've done this" or "we just don't have any defense" commentary. I'm not exaggerating very much, am I Debbie?

Well, last night while we watched Auburn play TERRIBLY and get beat by University of South Florida in overtime, Josh called us from Afghanistan to ask about the game! They were cut off, but right after we laid down in bed, he called back. Picture this - - we're laying in bed, not a light on in the house and I'm hearing Jake on the phone with Josh saying things like "We'll be lucky to win another game this season" and "I doubt we'll be going to a bowl" and "Brandon Cox just looks scared" and "We just make stupid mistakes" and "LSU is going to kill us." All the while, I'm dying laughing because I can just imagine what Josh is saying or thinking. It was just like old times! The Wade boys may be an ocean apart, but they wear the same uniform every day and they can't seem to get enough of their Auburn Football. The Tigers may be the worst team in the country, but they're still singing "It's great to be an Auburn Tiger. It's great to be an Auburn Tiger." And win or lose, we'll still fly our Auburn Tiger Flag that I bought off Ebay last week in our front yard - Loud and Proud!


Anonymous said...

You keep waving that flag... and I'll keep waving our 2-0 Alabama CRIMSON TIDE flag.... I know you think that it's all b/c of John that I like BAMA, but really, when you live in the great state of AL, the line is drawn FOR you, and you have to make a CHOICE... :)!

I love the fact that the brothers are in touch over football across the ocean. What a perfect example for your sweet boys to see in their daddy and uncle. That may be them someday!

~ Suz

Anonymous said...

Jen is not exaggerating. Their Dad is the same way so they come by it honest. Auburn has no more faithful fans than the Wade boys although most of the time you would never know by the way they talk. It is a family affair and our fall days are planned around the televised games and it is something that we all enjoy doing together except for Jen and myself having to listen to all their trash talking. Thank goodness that Josh found Lindsey a girl that loves Auburn too. I am so glad that even though Josh is miles away that he and Jake can still enjoy talking about Auburn football. So yes no matter how bad they play we will all fly our flags proud and shout WAR EAGEL!!! because it is GREAT TO BE AN AUBURN TIGER.

Grammy said...

I couldn't help but cry as I read about Jake and Josh and their late night Auburn talk. Thank heaven for telephones! I know it is a comfort to Josh to know that his brother is only a phone call away. Kirby and his brother talk regularly about Dallas Cowboys and Texas A&M. Gig Em, Aggies!!!

Cindy said...

How funny. It seems to me that people in the south get involoved in sports more than northerners do.I still can't keep up with which school is where and all the mascots. :-)
It's sweet the brothers can talk just like the old days, when they are an ocean away. That's a moment that I am glad for technology. :-)

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