Monday, September 17, 2007

Yeah Bailey!!

We all know that Bailey already has an IEP written up because he's going to need some extra help when he starts school and he's already signed up for 2 years of kindergarten! That's all just a joke, but some days I feel that might just be the truth. I've been so proud of him lately, though. He's talking and saying more understandable words. Although tonight as we were leaving a little dinner at church he was saying something that sounded like "got money" and I'm not sure what he was talking about. He eventually quit saying it so I guess it wasn't all that important. This afternoon we were playing outside and he was insistent on finding Maverick a snack. He had taken his backpack outside for some reason and kept saying "fine bro a nak." We got Bro some saltine crackers and that seemed to fix that one. They must've been communicating in their own little brother language that Maverick needed a snack. He does like helping Maverick, when he's not abusing him!

So, I'm saying all this to brag on Bailey and I really do have 2 things that are bragworthy!

1) He has voluntarily sat on the potty 2x today! We spent the morning playing with his buddy Christopher at "Chri hou." Christopher is potty trained so once after he went potty, Bailey started pulling down his shorts and actually sat on the potty for a few minutes. Christopher was at church tonight and they said Bailey sat on the potty so I assume he was 'monkey see, monkey do' with Christopher again. Gotta start somewhere.

2) We all know that Bailey is a TVaholic, but for some reason lately he's been asking to watch this BORING, at least to me, video of a train and the alphabet. I guess I already know the letters so it should be boring to me. There are parts of the video where you can hear kids voices saying the names of the letters as they pop on the screen and others where it's just letters and Mozart in the background. Bailey has started saying the names of the letters when the kids AREN'T saying the names. He's obviously not perfect in his recognition or pronunciation, but he always knows the I and "dubdu" (W) and a couple of others. His B, D, P, and T all sound similar, but at least he's trying.



Jen Dub-ya said...

I'm so proud of Bay-boy! I know you are girl! =)

AMANDA said...

If you still lived in FM, he could come to Mrs. Amanda's Preschool and learn even more! :) Both your boys will be very smart- look at who their mom is!

Erin said...

He has plenty to time to learn those things - he sounds like he is doing great! I had kindergarteners who came in and knew NO letters. They picked them up by the end of the year. :)

Cindy said...

Yea for Bailey! And for you, you're doing a good job.

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