Sunday, October 28, 2007

Jumpin' Mee

I was a big hit with Bailey yesterday afternoon and looked like a fool in the process!

We went to Jake's commander's daughter's 1st birthday party and it was something else. There were kids and mommies and daddies everywhere!! They rented a big jumping castle for the kids to play in for entertainment. Toward the end of the party, as the little kids started getting tired and were heading home one by one, I was trying to keep Bailey occupied and offered to go in the jumping castle with him! For a while, I just sat on the side and watched him jump, but he kept coming over to me and saying "Mee jump!" (Mee = Mommy). He even took my shoes off to help me get ready! I put him off until the coast was clear and we were the only ones in the castle. I'd jump and he would just laugh and smile. After a while he got out, so I got out. I walked in the living room where most of the adults were watching the Florida/Georgia game and was harrassed by Jake's former 1st Sgt for jumping in the castle. They could see me from the living room! He kept telling me that it was only for kids, yadda, yadda, yadda. He's a big cut up so I'm surprised he wasn't out there jumping himself! A few minutes later Bailey found me and grabbed my hand and said "Mee jump!" So we did it again! As we were getting in the car, that's about all he could say "Mee jump!" I obviously left an impression on him! I hope the Thomas Bouncer Bailey's getting for Christmas is big enough for "Mee" to jump in because I can already hear him begging me to come jump with him. The things a mommy will do to keep her little boy occupied and happy!

When not jumping, he and some of his other buddies found the big buckets filled with drinks and ice and thought those would be fun to play in. The ice had pretty much melted in one so he and 2 other kids were sticking their arms in the freezing cold water, pulling the cans out and then dropping them back in so they could get drenched by the splashes. I would've let Bailey keep doing it, but the other parents whose children were involved in the fun made their kids stop so I told Bailey to stop, too. They weren't hurting anything and were just getting wet. Some parents spoil all the fun!!


Anonymous said...

You are a good Mee!!!


Jen Dub-ya said...

this is why we are good friends! lol - I love you!

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