Friday, November 9, 2007

Popcorn Party

Monday night the boys decided to have a little party in Bailey's room. Maverick decided it was a good time for him to get a taste of brother's 'copcorn' so he assisted in dumping the bowl on the floor. Yes, my children eat off the floor! And I know that popcorn is a choking hazard so I was very attentive to Maverick as he tried his first few bites. He thought it was wonderful until I decided to vacuum the crumbs up. That made him a wee bit mad. The fun's gotta end sometime, right?

He also wanted to show off his shirt that a friend bought for him when he was born. He wanted all of you to know what he thinks of his daddy!


Grammy said...

I love the shirt. I notice Maverick likes playing with the bottom of the shape sorting castle just like Bailey did when he was that age.

Anonymous said...

Every time I read a new post I realize that when it comes to our kids we live identical lives. Even down to the clothes our boys wear. You gotta love Target!

Don't feel bad. At or house, at least once a day, somebody is eating something off the floor.


GE is me said...

Oh my goodness, my children eat off the floor all the time. Well, okay, not all the time, but I certainly have the 30 second rule at my house!


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