Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Make Up Dilemma

As most of you know, I used to be a Mary Kay Lady. After my venture left me owing instead of making, I got out and sold most of my supply back to MK. I held onto some foundations in a couple of colors that I could still use. Recently I've gone to using 2 different colors at the same time to match my skin tone - not because there isn't a color that matches my skin, but because I'm a cheapskate and am using what I have until it runs out. At least that was my original plan!

Since I got a little cash for Christmas, I decided I would ditch my MK stuff and go back to my old faithful Clinique. Not sure how I afforded Clinique when I was a broke college student, but somehow my roommates and I managed to make it to the Clinique counter for every Bonus! Must've been my Discover Card and a very minimum payment! After visiting my local Macy's and seeing that my Clinique foundation would cost me $19.50 plus tax, my decision to change back has been sitting on hold...Until I remembered that they sell Clinique at the P/X (Post Exchange - sort of like a Walmart or Kmart, except they sell true name brand stuff - and you have to have a military id to get in). Yesterday I had to pick up some tape and glue for the Children's Ministry so I thought I would look at their Clinique display.

Here's where it got beautiful, sort of! At the P/X, there are no white coat salespeople and all the makeup merchandise is out in the open where I could help myself to what I want. No need to stand around waiting for one of the white coats to come and open the display for me! It gets more beautiful! My foundation only, I can't believe I used 'only' because what I paid was still a lot for me, $17.00 and NO tax! The only part of this trip that wasn't beautiful was Bailey slipping out of his seat on the stroller and ramming the double stroller into me while I was looking. Maverick might have a little bit of whiplash now, but he's still alive!

Thankfully, I don't need anything other than foundation at this point since I don't reapply my makeup throughout the day. My stuff lasts and lasts and lasts. I'm sure I go way beyond the recommended use dates on my blush and eye shadow. So far I've not contracted any weird fungus and I've had my use it til it runs out philosophy my entire life.

If only I could find a good $17 haircut in El Paso, I'd be a very happy camper. My $10.95 haircuts with my military discount just aren't cutting it any more - pun intended!

Sorry I had to talk about make up! As you can tell, there's not a lot of action happening at our residence of late!


Jen Dub-ya said...

Okay, so now I know what to go after first with my black trash bag...girl, you have no idea what is living in that old make up!!!eeeeee! and Clinique to pick up and hold and buy with no white may be heaven on earth =) don't you miss me?

Cindy said...

That's an awesome deal. Glad you found it!
I currently go between Clinique and Neutrogena.
Another fun, but 'evil' store is Sephora. I hadn't been to one until this past December. They had tons of brands and it was out to try. I like their lip gloss. It isn't sticky and doesn't taste bad, it's a little sweet. And it is $15, not too bad.


Sundi said...

I was using Clinique, but the night of the first Tree performance I ran out, so I picked up some really cheap stuff at Walgreens -- it was like $3. And...I really like it! Time will tell if it will keep me away from the Clinique counter :)

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