Monday, February 4, 2008

High Speed

The cheapskate in me has kept me from purchasing very many things for the boys that would be considered 'high speed' - that's an Army phrase for things that are above standard or not your ordinary product. For example, the boots they issue at Basic Training are low speed, but the boots Jake paid an arm and a leg for that look almost like a running shoe on the sole are high speed. Our old tv that was huge was low speed, but our new flat screen is high speed. Jake's Rodeo was low speed (in more ways than one!), but his Yukon is high speed. Are you picking up what I'm putting down?

In mommy terms, putting a piece of masking tape on your child's sippy cup with his or her name on it is low speed. After pulling many pieces of masking tape off of Bailey's or Maverick's cups, I decided I needed to do something to keep from constantly labeling them. So I took some of their Christmas money or birthday money and bought personalized Inchbug bands for their cups. When Jake first saw them, he told me they were high speed!

Then, I decided for Maverick's birthday that I would let my mom buy him a high chair. We've never had room for a high chair, but sort of do now. Since we mostly eat at the bar, which is adjacent to the living room, I'm constantly pulling a chair from the dining room with Maverick's booster chair in it, into the kitchen to feed him. I want something that I won't have to move back and forth. After looking at high chairs, I decided they were all too big and bulky and alot more than I wanted to spend! I started looking at the seats that just attach to the table, but most of them require quite a bit of clearance under the table for their attachments and we only have about 6 inches on our bar.

I started looking online to see if I could find anything different than Babies R Us or Target had and found exactly what I needed - the Phil and Teds Metoo. It didn't look like it required much space under the table to attach. I read and researched and even placed one in a shopping cart on some site online, but I got into the dilemma of whether I should pay a few dollars more for a color I wanted or just get the cheapest one. A few days went by and I finally placed my order.

Last night as I was letting someone in the front door for our Super Bowl party, the box was sitting there on the porch. I'm not really sure how long it had been there, but I was so excited that after everyone left last night I opened it and attached it to the counter. It is wonderful! It's definitely high speed and worth every penny that Grammy is paying for it!
Here's Maverick enjoying his high speed seat!

My friend Judith won a bloggy makeover, now I'm thinking I need to take Wade's World high speed! Don't you think so? I can't wait to see her blog made over and then I'll start deciding who I'm going to pay to give me a new design.

Finally, our high speed little boy doing his shuffle!


Jen Dub-ya said...

"high speed" I'm so proud...can't wait to see it all in person~~ 12 days and counting!

Sundi said...

I've been playing around trying to make my blog high speed for a low speed price and it's not working! Hoping to win a blog makeover and wishing I was more high-tech! Let me know what you find out!

Anonymous said...

In that first picture Bro. Cole looks like he had too much to drink at the Super Bowl Party. That little seat looks perfect for the bar. Everything is going to be high speed around your house since Mav has turned loose. Thanks for the pictures and video. We enjoy them so much so keep them coming.

Love you all!!!!!!!!!

Grammy said...

In WV we'd call Maverick a high tech red neck!!! Pop says that seat is high dollar!! Pop and I loved watching Maverick walking. What was he doing with the hammer?? Getting ready to give Bailey a knot on his head, no doubt.

Jeff, Judith, Lauren, Emily, Daniel, Amy, and Joel said...

I got the blog done! Check it out!! Brandy is wonderful to work with. You would love her!!

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