Sunday, May 4, 2008

Home Dusty Home

The weary Wade travellers made it back to El Paso around 11 last night. The day was pretty uneventful except for Maverick's refusal to sleep on our flight yesterday. I downloaded all of my pictures so I'll be spending a few posts sharing pictures from our trip.

Here's the beginning. These were from our 'surprise' parties on Friday night. There were easily as many kids at the party as there were adults since just about all of our friends have at least 2 kids! We were a baby making group of people. Here are Ben and Harrison enjoying their barbecue/chick fil a dinner. I can't believe how grown up these 2 are! It seemed like they were each a foot taller since I saw them in October.Xan and Payton posing for a picture. Xan is Nikki's daughter and Payton is Harrison's sister! They're both cute as can be!Bailey and Josh were being a little bit mischievious with the cake as we were cleaning up! They were sticking their fingers into the icing for a little snack! Fortunately, Jake ate a good bit of the end of the cake so the little boy germs weren't a big deal to him.

To entertain our two crazies while we cleaned up, we taught them to play 'broom horse.' Maverick never caught on, but Bailey did. Feel free to laugh at the surprise ending. Jake and I did! (Do not try this at home. These stunts were performed by trained professional crazy kids. No one was seriously harmed in the making of this video.)

More east coast travel stories to come, after we get our house straightened up! It must've been windy while we were gone because there's a layer of sand on every surface in our house and all the toys in the backyard look like they were dropped out of a tornado!

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