Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bailey's New Toy

LT was off work on Friday because of tomorrow being Columbus day. In our effort to find something fun to do, we ended up taking the boys for haircuts since both were in desperate need. After Bailey got his cut and while I was waiting on Maverick's turn, LT took Bailey to Target just to hang out. When we finally met up again, LT had bought the boys toys. This is the same man who always complains about how many toys the boys have so I never dreamed he would be buying toys. Nonetheless, he was feeling the love and generosity of spending a full day with his children.

Bailey ended up with a Thomas Take along Roundhouse. He loves the real Roundhouse that goes with the wooden train set so this was a good substitute. LT also thought this was a good portable toy that could go on trips. Not that we're taking a trip any time soon!

When I was trying to pull the tray out that has the little turntable on it, I just couldn't get it to budge. So while LT was trying to get it open, I read a review online about this thing and one of the comments said that the tray was very difficult to pull out! They nailed that one right on the head.

So far this little circle of track and the shed for the trains has provided hours of enjoyment! Since I had it set up on the countertop, I was able to have some fun conversation with him while I made pico de gallo yesterday. He's still a very immature 3 year old, but talking to him can be lots of fun!


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the pictures and the last videos. I love the new haircut. He looks like a miniture LT. Make a picture of Mavvy so we can see his new haircut as well. We miss you all so much!!

GG & Paw

Grammy said...

GG wrote what I was going to write. We need a picture of Maverick's haircut. And I hope you saved me some hair!!

GE is me said...

How goes the potty training?
I love talking to them, they are so fun- 3 year olds that is.
It is going by WWAAAAAYYYY too fast!
Please if any one finds the cure to make our children stop growing, pass it on. :)
(okay, I guess I do want them to grow up, just not so fast.)

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