Friday, November 21, 2008

The Insignificant Things

I was talking to someone today and made a statement about how sometimes the decisions we make that seem so insignificant at the time are really very significant in God's overall scheme of things. I was specifically talking about how I made the decision to drop out of college for a year or 2 and travel with Life Action. I had no idea when I said, "Sure, I'll travel for a year," just how much that would change my life. Without saying yes to that, there would've been no Boitnotts in my life. There would've been no North Greenville College (Go Mounties!). There would be no year of single life in the suburbs of DC. There would be no Jake and there certainly probably wouldn't be me here in El Paso doing what I do every day. God had a very specific plan in all of that and I believe it started long before I said Yes to my 2 years in Life Action.

I get so frustrated with Bailey because he seems to throw a fit over things that to me seem so insignificant. I've been driving the "$20,000 Swingset" aka LT's truck for a few days because the van was getting some work done on the brakes. I've had a huge struggle taking the boys in and out of church because I normally load them into the double stroller and off we go. Today, there was no double stroller so I decided to take the umbrella stroller because I could at least push Maverick since he's normally my problem walker/wanderer on our way to his class.

When we got to the church and I put Maverick in the stroller, Bailey threw a fit! He wanted to ride in the stroller. I almost turned around and put everyone back in the truck and came home. I was very close and this wouldn't be the first time we've been somewhere and loaded back up to come home! Instead, I left Bailey sitting in the parking lot while Maverick and I went to the door. The closer I got to the door, Bailey realized he was about to be left so he came running, yelling "Mommy, Mommy!" all the way. Then there's the security doors! I got Maverick inside and left him and then went back and picked up Bailey and set him on the floor inside the door. I pushed Maverick all the way to his class. Along the way people were asking me where Bailey was. My response was "Can't you hear him screaming? He's sitting on the floor in the great hall."

By the time I got back to get Bailey, one of our preschool workers had retrieved him. He refused to go to his class so we stopped in the first bathroom and had a little talk. I threatened to take away all his trains so he decided he should at least walk up the hall. When we turned the corner to his class, he refused to go inside, so we went into the next closest bathroom. Anyone familiar with FBCEP knows exactly where I'm at! We had another little heart to heart. He used the potty, washed his hands and suddenly he was all ready to go to his class.
As far as I know, he had a good time in his class. I didn't get any reports of him turning into Kung Fu Bailey!

I share all this to say that the things that to me seem so insignificant are very significant in his little mind. It is not an excuse for his selfish, non compliant behavior! I've heard our children referred to us as mirrors and often we can see spiritual things so much more clearly through them. Today I've seen that those things that seem so insignificant to me are much more significant to God! It's the little things like being genuinely grateful, doing the things the Spirit prompts us to do, offering a word of encouragement to a friend in need, responding properly to our kids and spouses the first time - the list could go on and on.
I got a much needed reminder that the insignificant things aren't all that insignificant - they are very significant!

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geisme said...

I am sooo with you Jen. It seems like God has been showing me the same/similar things. It drives me crazy when I yell/say something to the children about not listening & then I hear God say, "Oh, and you listen to me all the time, the 1st time." And I don't know about you, but I just want to say shut up to God. :)
Isn't it nice we have such a loving, gentle and caring Abba Father, that even if we do tell him to shut up, he still loves us.

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