Saturday, November 22, 2008

Most Eligible Bachelors

I took these pictures the other day and figured I better post them before the week begins and I don't have time to do it. I bought some Boy Scout Caramel Corn from one of the kids at FBC and shared some with the boys when we got home from Mother's Day Out. I think Percy, the train, may have gotten a taste, too!Mavvy needs to grow another 3 or 4 inches before he'll be able to fully maximize sitting on the stool at the counter. He's really getting to be a big boy and the lift to the top of the stool is about 6 inches shorter than the lift to his seat! I think it's super cute when he just sits on the stool.
Finally, the front shot of one of the matching shirts I got them at GAP for about $1.99 several months ago. They have another that says "Playground Casanova." For $1.99, I'll put just about anything on them! Isn't he a handsome little fellow?

1 comment:

Pegsy said...

Love the "Bachelor" t-shirts! I'll buy anything for a $1.99 too!

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