Saturday, January 17, 2009

400th Post

For the record, this is my 400th post and I missed my 2 year blogaversary somewhere in the past month or so. I'm not sure I remember exactly when I started this venture.

The past few days have been enjoyable for the most part around here. Yesterday, LT got off work around lunch time so we loaded the van and headed east to Chick Fil A for lunch. A #1 with Diet Dr. Pepper never gets old! The boys both enjoy going there and Bailey always leaves with a new friend or two. The last time we were there on a Friday night, he actually knew his new friend's name before we left.

While we were waiting for LT to come home, I attempted a photo session of the boys in their new Tarheel shirts courtesy of GG. This is about the best I got! Something on the tv was obviously more interesting than I was. But do notice Maverick's shaggy hair because the next picture it's not the same.

This evening we had to go to our Plan B because the CDC apparently doesn't work Saturdays of a 4 day holiday weekend. This is the 2nd 4 day that I've had a brilliant plan that didn't come to be because the CDC was closed, therefore no childcare for the precious angels. Plan A included the Outback Special and a Steakhouse Salad. Plan B ended up being Mall Food Court hodgepodge! Plus Maverick got his hair cut. He looks so grown up with his hair freshly cut. He even sat in the booster seat all by himself. He never made a peep or acted like he wasn't into the haircut. He just sat there and looked around like he was a seasoned hair cut pro. I was a proud mommy.

Bailey took a break from playing on to get in on the photo taking action. He just likes to see himself on the camera screen after the picture has snapped. At least I can get him to smile now. If only I could get both of them to smile at the same time in the same picture. I've considered trying to get their pictures done before LT goes on his vacation, but I haven't gotten my nerves that prepared yet. I'll keep you posted.


Nikki said...

WOW!! Mavvy went from Toddler to Lil' Man in a matter of 3 inches of text and scrolling down, precious!! I love hearing that someone else out there always makes it to Plan M by the day's end!

Pegsy said...

Love the haircut! He looks cute and handsome, all rolled up into one!

And, CONGRATULATIONS on the 400th post!! I'm not even halfway there.

geisme said...

Way too handsome, Jen! I have 2 beauties here. Maybe in another 20 years? ;)

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