Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Today I'm thankful for....
1) Maverick sleeping through the Thursday afternoon piano lesson
2) French Fries for dinner
3) Looking forward to LT having most of the day off tomorrow and Monday. Thank you MLK.
4) There's no snow on the ground in El Paso
5) Music time with the kiddos at MDO
6) Getting USAA to refund an NSF charge - My error, but their error.
7) Our first pay day with the 3.9% military pay raise
8) We might get enough of a tax return to go to Outback once, but in about 6 months all of LT's student loans will be paid off - Hallelujah!!!
9)Listening to Bailey say his prayers at night. Do you want to be added to his 'Thank you for..." list?
10) Having a semi clean house

1 comment:

Grammy said...

I want to be on Bailey's list. I thank God every day for that beautiful boy and his wonderful brother. I love you ooodles, Bailey and Maverick!!

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