Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Today I'm thankful for:

1) having enough self control to keep from losing my patience in a bad way with my children when they do things that are just absolutely ludicrous

2) no one has thrown up at our house today - a change from yesterday

3) Maverick is about to go bond with his crib

4) having a sort of clean house from 3pm - 5pm today
(we've still got an hour to go so this could change)

5) chocolate chip cookies

6) looking forward to my CSI fix tonight

7) 30 days until LT's vacation begins

8) getting to share music time with my boys at MDO

9) pondering the new Vera that I'm going to be buying myself at my husband's approval - I'm actually getting 2, but 1 will be used as Jenna Beth's diaper bag and I'm spacing out the purchases so they don't both hit at once. If you haven't seen the new spring Vera's and the new styles, you should!
Check them out here.

10) being able to put off the finishing the tax return because it's not going to end up being that great

1 comment:

geisme said...

I love bonding time:) There is nothing sweeter than a sleeping child. I don't care what time of day it is! Sorry to hear the stomach bug hit y'all, it hit us too. UGGHHH!
Fortunately, only had to wash clothes, no bed linens. :) Went through 4 pair of pjs in less than 12 hours! (Rachel, not me.)

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