Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Today I'm thankful for....

1) Walgreens rebate savings

2) 2 of our 3 fish we bought over the weekend are still alive

3) Mavvy slept through piano lessons

4) Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!!

5) Deciding that going to the FRG meeting tonight just wasn't worth my while

6) My kitchen floor was nice and clean until everyone who was outside came in and left their dusty footprints

7) We're eating at home for the first time since last Thursday, I think

8) 2 new babies were born to friends today - 2 different friends in 2 different states

9) I think it was almost 70 degrees here today

10) Discovering a website where I can buy the weekly coupon inserts from the Sunday paper (if any of you would like to give me your weekly coupon inserts from the paper, i'll gladly take them and would even pay your postage if you have to mail them to me.)

11) I got through 10 and realized I didn't mention my wonderful husband and 2 precious little boys and how blessed I am to call them all my family


Amanda said...

I feel your pain about the floor! Anything I clean only stays clean until members of my clan walk through that room and then it is totally trashed!!

geisme said...

The website you can buy the coupons at. What is it & how expensive is it?

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