Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What $3 Can Get You

I've been really trying to get the hang of this whole Grocery Game coupon thing and am starting to have some breakthroughs.

Yesterday I got all of this and only spent about $3 out of my own pocket! My victory was aided by a combination of sale prices, coupons, register rewards (lump sum coupons for purchasing certain items on previous shopping trips), and my Walgreens gift card loaded with rebates. I also have about $8 in rebates that I earned from these purchases that I'll cash in at the end of this month!

There is one thing missing from this picture - 2 little bags of chocolate chip cookies that I got for the boys as a surprise snack when they got in the truck after school. They were ecstatic and weren't quite so ravenous when we walked in the door!

Next time I go to Albertsons for groceries I'll have to take a picture of what I'm getting with my savings there. It's not been near as exciting as yesterday's Walgreens trip. Albertsons doesn't double coupons and they haven't been running the greatest sales, but I'm still saving a pretty good penny there.

Our budget allows for about $500 a month for groceries, but at this point I'm only spending about $250. We do have to take into consideration that I'm feeding one less adult, but we have enough food in our pantry to feed him, too. Our freezer is full. Eventually we'll buy a deep freeze, but for now we'll just make due.


Shannon Preece said...

that is quite impressive!

Karen @Snakes-Snails-Puppydogtails said...

You need to teach me... I would love to know how you do it. I've tried to figure them out on my own and just gave up.

Ainsley said...

That's amazing! I am so untalented in this department. Half the time I forget to bring my coupons to the store.

Pegsy said...

Good for you! That's quite the haul! We don't have the grocery game in Canada, so I'll just have fun cheering you on!

Jenny said...

Okay, what's going on here? I want in.

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