Sunday, June 21, 2009

An Attempt to do Better

I said last week that I was going to try to do better about keeping up with Wade's World. So here's my first attempt. To make it easy on myself, you're just getting pictures!
I'm sure Jenna Beth is getting tired of me sticking the camera in her face. This picture is a couple weeks old, I think. She's just such a cutie with her eyes open and she has lots of cute clothes that I want to make sure I get a picture of her in. We've had meals delivered to us on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the past few weeks. They've been delicious - everything from roasts to chicken spaghetti to greek pork chops that were out of this world! Yum! One of the deliverers was thoughtful enough to bring the boys these huge things of bubbles so we've spent a ton of time blowing bubbles outside and in the bathtub. Maverick dumped his out the first day so I've already had to refill it. And as a disclaimer, I think Bailey put his shorts on himself so they're a little twisted.
One day Maverick came out of my room with this necklace on - it's all of Jenna Beth's elastic headband bows. He was super proud of himself. He really put some effort into getting them on because some of them were hard to get off of his watermelon head. Silly little boy!
Every now and then, I'll find Snoopy in the crib with Jenna Beth. Bailey's into sharing him. Poor Snoopy is about to fall completely apart and is absolutely disgusting from being chewed on, but Bailey is still in love with him.


Grammy said...

Loved all the pictures. That Snoopy really needs a good bath. Maybe if Bailey's so into sharing, he might be into giving up??

Anonymous said...

I think we need to get on the internet again and try to find another clean Snoopy. The pictures were great. Thanks for all you effort. I know time is short for you. We love you all and miss you bunches.

Paw & GG

Beth said...

So cute..I think I found another snoopy for y'all on the internet & it comes in pink or blue..

Pegsy said...

Great pictures! Jenna Beth is getting big, FAST! Love the pic of Maverick with the headbands! Sky will sometimes put Sara's headbands on, just to be a tease make us laugh! Silly boys!

So glad you're being well taken care of with all the meals - that is such a huge blessing.

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