Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

The children and I spent our morning in the Westside Parade here in El Paso. The boys had a great time and have been begging to go back to the parade all day long. Jenna Beth just slept in her sling carrier the whole time.She was a hit with the parade watchers. I heard little "look at that tiny baby"s throughout the parade.

We've done this two years in a row and I always leave the parade being grateful for our nation and the fact that despite our freedom to have different opinions on war and the Middle East, we can come together on a day like today and line the streets of our towns and celebrate our Independence. It really gives me a renewed sense of pride in our great country and the calling God has on our family to serve it and Him the way we do.

The only thing that could make today better, other than having daddy here, is to witness live fireworks, but the boys are pooped and I'm not sure dragging them out after 9 is going to make it into the plans.

Enjoy a few pictures of us at the parade.

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