Monday, September 7, 2009

Little Fishy

We spent Sunday afternoon at a friend's birthday party. I was sure we were ready for Total Chaos since it was as party for a 2 year old and there were numerous kids in the 5 and under crowd present! And did I mention it was a SWIM party? Only 1 parent had to get in fully clothed to retrieve their child who got overly brave without his swim wings on. That parent wasn't me, thank the Lord! I was more concerned about Bailey jumping too close to the edge off of the diving board. After a little coaching and pointing him in the right direction, he did pretty well jumping away from the side.

Maverick wasn't too concerned about getting in the pool. There were other entertainment options! Isn't hot in his swimming outfit? I told him he's going to pick up all the 2 year old women in this thing. This is Bailey and our friend Savannah playing ball in the pool. Bailey LOVES the water and has NO FEAR! Not sure if that's a good combination or bad?Maverick's version of swimming! This is about as wet as he got all day long. I think he thinks swimming requires too much effort. Here's the little fishy dog paddling himself around the pool.

Bailey's final jump off the diving board before it was time for us to call it a day!

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