Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Good Grocery Week

As you may or may not know, I've been using the Grocery Game to do my grocery shopping for right at a year now. I get such a rush walking out of the grocery store feeling like I've just stolen things!

A few week ago, Albertsons was doubling/tripling/or quadrupling coupons (every coupon is worth $1), a 10% Military Discount, and a great Proctor and Gamble deal where you got an automatic $10 off a $40 purchase of Proctor and Gamble items. It was a a great deal and so good of a deal that I took 3 kids with me on a Saturday to take advantage of all 3 opportunities.

Here's what I brought home for $49!

Total Savings $57!

I'm going to try to track my grocery savings this year to see how much I'm really spending on groceries. I tell people I spend between $50 and $60 a week, but I could honestly go a week or two and spend $10 on milk and fruit and not buy anything else. It's just hard to pass up great deals especially when Albertsons does their Military Discount and their coupon doubling/tripling/quadrupling deals.

I had a great score at Walgreens this week, but forgot to take a picture before I put everything away. I got a box of trash bags, 6 pairs of knee highs, 2 bottles of lysol toilet cleaner, 2 6 packs of Bic Comfort 3 disposable razors for $7.88 out of my pocket.


The McGriff's said...

Just the diapers, toilet paper, and tide alone is probably MORE than what you spent!

Brandi said...

I don't play the grocery game, but I am trying REALLY hard this year to use up the things that I have in my pantry/freezer before purchasing more. I usually spend $500/month on groceries, diapers, cleaning products, etc. Today I got everything but my fresh fruits and veggies and only spent $67. I plan to spend $10 on produce tomorrow. That's really good for us! I'm actually going to do a blog post on this very thing soon.

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