Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thankful Thursday

On this rainy, cold and dreary Thursday in El Paso, I'm thankful for...

1) 3 kids who are full of energy and life

2) Knowing the end of this 'vacay' is in sight

3) The scale has been nice to me and I hope it is nice in the morning when I have my official weigh in

4) Piles of junk have been cleared out of some rooms of my house, but there are others that need to magically disappear

5) Having lunch yesterday with some great girlfriends here in El Paso

6) Only 2 hours until we start the bedtime routine

7) Jenna Beth survived a tumble down the stairs this week - lesson learned!

8) Looking forward to paying off some student loan debt with our tax return

9) Canned biscuits with jelly as an acceptable meal for the children

10) Making time to keep the blog updated more regularly


Annie said...

Great list.

Amanda said...

We have had our own tumble down the stairs- we now have a gate installed at the top! So glad for you that the vacay is ending!

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