Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thankful Thursday

On this pleasant and sunny Thursday in El Paso, I'm thankful for...

1) Happy Reunions! I'll post pictures soon.

2) Seeing how excited the boys get when their daddy comes home from PT each morning

3) Transitioning back to the old, but new normal

4) Valentine Care Packages from the grandparents

5) Beautiful, almost perfect blue skies

6) Reaching my 'when the hubs comes home from vacay' weight loss goal

7) A very productive day at the office

8) My little inquisitive blondie

9) My growing up way too fast red headed baby girl

10) My fast talking and walking brown headed boy


Anonymous said...

Such wonderful things to be thankful for. I am thankful for you and your strength and courage during the Lt. vacation. Perfect descriptions of those 3 beautiful babies of ours.

GG Wade

Amanda said...

This made me smile. I am so happy for you that your family is all together again.

(The) Ladybug Lounge formerly Msslaydbug said...

I love your Thankful list. I think every adult needs to write a thankful list and refer to it daily !

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