Tuesday, August 10, 2010

While in OK #3 - - Article and Recipe Organization

Progress on #1 of my things to do in OK is definitely a challenge, but I have time, right?

Progress on #2 is going well. Mr. Mav is even starting to be aware of when he needs to go and can hold it if he needs to, at least with the pee pee part. The other, well, it needs lots of work!

#3 is more of a tangible, can be accomplished with visible results, type of goal. For years, I have been collecting articles, recipes, decorating ideas, and other random stuff from magazines. The hubs has accused me of being a borderline hoarder and this is one of those areas where I've given him ammunition for his accusations!

I did a good job before we left El Paso of getting rid of the actual magazines and only keeping the articles of interest. Now I have a huge pile of file folders that are very broadly labeled and organized. While I'm here and it would appear that I have time on my hands (I have 3 small children on my hands, too) to accomplish a better organizational system for these things. I would love to be able to go right to the recipe for cinnamon rolls or chicken fried steak that I ripped out of a Cooking Light magazine. Currently, that is not feasible. I haven't decided what type of system I'll use for this and am open to suggestions or ideas. My first thought is notebooks for various categories and the articles in individual clear sheet protectors organized alphabetically by some system of subcategories. See, this isn't as easy as it sounds like it would be.

After I get this one accomplished, or maybe when I actually start, I'll post pictures of my progress.

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Grammy said...

Don't they make some kind of software for this? You scan everything into the folders you create? If it doesn't exist it should.

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