Thursday, September 16, 2010

Updates on my OK to do's

Since there aren't many other things to write about, I figure I can at least update on my OK to do list...

1) I've yoyo'd the same 4 or 5 pounds the entire time we've lived here. I get very motivated for a week and then I fall off the wagon. We are still trying to develop routines and so far exercise hasn't found its way into the routine consistently. There's still time, though!

2) Maverick is pretty much potty trained! He had some poo poo set backs last week, but has done well on all fronts (or backs) lately. He is lazy and doesn't always want to go immediately when he needs to, but he'll get there! I'm impressed that he's done as well as he has with this process.

3) I haven't even touched my Article and Recipe Organization process except for purchasing notebooks, sheet protectors and other supplies to get the project going! Hopefully I can start working on this one very soon since I have some recipes that I want to use that happen to be buried in the pile of loose articles.

4) As far as eating meals together, we're doing fairly well. We aren't always eating the exact same meals, but we've gotta start somewhere, right! The boys are eating more of a variety of foods then they have in the past. It often takes bribery and a little bit of negotiating! Sometimes it takes a little friendly competition between the boys to see who can finish first or who is going to get the after dinner treat and who isn't.

I do have a few other little things I want to get done in the next couple of months so we'll see if I can take advantage of my time and be productive!

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