Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bailey The Potty Mouth

I had an interesting afternoon of fact gathering after I found out that Bailey had been sent to the principal's office and I couldn't exactly understand why!

When I picked him up from school, the first thing he said was that he got in trouble and had to go to the office. What?!? He always tells on himself to me! I asked him what he did to deserve to go to the principal's office. He gave me some story about an older kid, a fire drill, going to his classroom, not following directions, yada, yada, yada. I couldn't put all the pieces together so I let it rest for a little while.

After we had been home for a little while I asked him again about it and what the principal had actually said to him. He said something to the effect of he asked me to say the "B word" and Bailey said his response was "Buh" like the sound a B makes. So I asked him if he had said a bad word and of course he denied it.

Wanting to get to the bottom of this, like any good over reactive parent of a kindergartener would do, I called the school to find out what had really happened. The principal wasn't there when I called, but his teacher was so I asked her what had happened. She didn't really know except that some older kid had told the principal that a boy dressed like Bailey had said some bad words on the playground...

so my child's teacher is telling me that she has no idea why they called him out of class to come to the principal's office except that some older kid on the playground said he heard a boy dressed like Bailey say something bad and told the principal. Huh? ...unpause...

She was able to talk to the principal and the principal agreed to talk to me and let me know what happened. After talking to him, he told me the same thing. Some older kid told him that he heard Bailey (or a kid dressed like Bailey) say the "B word" on the playground so he called Bailey into his office to address it.

Here's where it just gets comical! The older boy and Bailey were called into the principal's office together. The principal said he asked Bailey to say his name for him and Bailey of course said Bailey. Then he asked him if he had said the "B word" and Bailey said no. The principal then asked Bailey to say the "B word" and Bailey said "Buh!" The principal said he told the older kid to go back to class and just kept Bailey there for a couple of minutes and sent him back to class.

There are a few concerns I have about this situation.
1) My son, a kindergartener, was sent to the principal's office and I received no notice or explanation except what Bailey told me!
2) Bailey obviously never understood why he was sent to the principal's office, who sent him there or who this older kid was.
3) Bailey has speech issues and can't even say the word itch with a ch sound on the end of it so how he said the "B word" and some other kid was able to understand it is beyond me.
4) I honestly don't think Bailey knows what the "B word" is. If he's heard it, it's only been at school! The only words we say here that are bad are crap and butt!
5) The principal, upon the tattle of an older student who didn't even know Bailey's name, called my son into his office over something he had absolutely no evidence of except for the word of this older kid - obviously way after the fact! Why was this kid not in his class and why did he have the ear of the principal?

Remember when I posted this about being a high maintenance parent. Apparently, I'm going to have to continue that trend to make sure I know what's going on with Bailey at school. I sure hope the school we go to in TX is much better at communicating than this one has been so far.


Patty Patterson said...

Home school! Then, you'll always know exactly what's going on and your kids will have teachers who truely care about them! :-)

Pegsy said...

Wow! I completely agree with the points you made! What a ridiculous situation - the principal should be embarrassed! I don't think you are being high maintenance at all - just a good mom. I would have followed through as well.

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