Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Little Miss F1

Miss F1 is finally getting 2 teeth on the top and she's been mean and grumpy as all get out lately. You wouldn't know it from the pleasant look on her face in these pictures, but you'd know after spending 5 minutes in a room with her. F3 could definitely bear witness to her meanness, not that he has much room to talk. Nonetheless, I wanted to show off her cuteness! This top picture is for Grammy since she sent her this little zebra outfit! She rocked it today.
This is a pair of overalls that one of our friends in SC found at TJ Maxx or somewhere when F5 was a baby. I have a picture of him somewhere in the abyss of digital pictures in this exact same outfit. If only she'd keep her AU bow or clip in her hair.

I just thought she was super cute the day she wore her little pink vest, but could never get her to stand facing me for a picture.

Hope my cutie makes you smile!

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