Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve

We just returned home from one of the highlights of our Christmas season when we're actually in Fort Mill - dinner at the Creeds! We look forward to her wonderful strawberry banana punch or something like that. It's delicious and we realize that our overful, gluttonous feelings aren't necessarily the food, but the mass quantities of punch that we drink while we're there. Bailey even got into the devouring punch this year. We did water it down and had to unclog his sippy cup a few times from the strawberry seeds.

My mom has come for the day and night to bring some presents. I'm most looking forward to what they got Jake - it's a secret! He'll be very surprised and I think he's going to love it. She'll be going home in the morning so she can join the rest of my WV family for some sort of celebration tomorrow evening.

I don't have a lot of presents that need to be wrapped tonight except for a few things that I've had in the closet that just haven't made it to the wrapping station. I figure we'll sit around feeling stuffed watching various Christmas music specials on television until we decide to go to bed.

I was reading a friend's blog tonight about her trip to Walmart and we did the same thing this afternoon and my main question is do that many people make egg nog? There were NO eggs left at the Super Walmart in Rock Hill. Why is that? Oh well, we'll just have to pick some up on Tuesday as we begin venturing into South Beach Diet land! Mostly for my husband, the LT, who needs to shed a few pounds before he heads back to training. I still have a few good weeks to enjoy being pregnant.

Merry Christmas-eve!


LindseyJacobs said...

Hey Jen - Thanks for e-mailing us. It was fun to read your blog and also to follow the link thru all of the LifeAction folks I never kept track of! We are now on baby #4 and Brian swears we aren't having another baby for a LONG at least a year! Merry Christmas

Suzanne said...

Merry Christmas, Jabes!

LOVE the blog idea...what a great way to hear all the 'Bailey-tales', and news of your Army adventures. Oh how I wish we lived closer so I could squeeze that little boys cheeks! Auntie Suz would spoil him ROTTEN!

Love you girl -- hope you are having a wonderful time while your hubby is home.

To all those Life Action bloggers out there: what a great way to catch up on your lives... we need a Blue Team Reunion! Merry Christmas to you all!

Love, Suz

Chris Whisonant said...

5 words...

"Ho! Ho! Ho! More Toys!!"

:) Great pic of Bailey and Santa!

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