Friday, December 29, 2006

Going crazy

Okay, today I think I officially lost my mind!
Last night I worked a little while on Bailey's scrapbook. I did his first pictures from the hospital. I know, the child is almost 2 and I'm just now getting around to this task. Well, on one of the pages I put his name, his birthday (3-22-05) and the time that he was born (7:30 am). This morning at about 4 I woke up to go to the bathroom and had a million things racing through my mind and one of them was the thought that I had put Bailey's birthday wrong in his book. I told Jake that I had put the 22nd instead of 23rd and he agreed that I had put his birthday wrong. So I pulled the 2 off and went to Michael's after lunch with the Whis's to buy extra letters so that I would have another 3 to correct his birthday. I'm not even sure if the letters I bought are the right color. Nonetheless, I was telling my mother in law what I had done and she looked at me like I was nuts and informed me that his birthday IS the 22nd, not the 23rd. She told me I should check his birth certificate! It wouldn't be so bad, but the father of this wonderful almost 2 year old thought the same thing I did. I really do think I need to take a trip to Bull Street (for those not from SC, that's a reference to the state mental hospital).

To make my insanity plea even more valid, I took a Diet Dr. Thunder (Walmart version of Diet Dr. Pepper) out of the refrigerator tonight and have yet to figure out exactly where I put it! I definitely need to go to bed and start over tomorrow.

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Jennifer said...

All I can say is - if you think you need to go to Bull Street, then I must really need to go, too - we could be roomies and wear our matching purses and outfits all the time - lol!!! At least you know when your husbands birthday is!

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