Friday, January 19, 2007

10 weeks to go

I've officially started the countdown to our move to TX around April 1st. Hopefully knowing exactly how long I have will help me to be motivated to purge, clean and pack so that we can begin to minimize what we have to move every time we move. I also need to have some sort of project going on so that I can stay busy and keep my mind off the obvious negative of the next 10 weeks. (For my security and peace of mind, I won't publish the negative on my blog - most of you know already). I already started my box of stuff to consign at the For Every Season sale in March so I've already made some progress!
I wish I had a video of Bailey last night playing Playstation with Uncle Josh. He was so funny and acted like he really knew what he was doing. Then he started putting on a show for his GG and repeatedly said "oh, no" while putting one of his hands on the top of his head. He knew we were laughing at him so he did it over and over and over again. He really has started saying lots of understandable words, but he still jabbers in his own little language. One day I'll be able to understand his jabbers and will wish he'd be quiet. I have a feeling he's going to be like his daddy and get in trouble in school for talking without permission. I would never have done that because I was too afraid of getting called out and getting in trouble. Jake apparently didn't care!
I'm going to try to be more regular in my posts especially now that I have another little person to show off to all of my friends!

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Chris Whisonant said...

LOL - that's funny stuff. Just let us know what you need help doing... :(

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