Saturday, January 13, 2007

We're home

We got to come home from the hospital today! Yeah! We were starting to go a little stir crazy. I hadn't seen the outside of my room for 2 days so I was ready to get out and come home. I was telling Jake's mom today the most activity I had for the past 2 days was moving from chair to bed to couch to rocker to bed...I did have Jake bring me my scrapbook stuff so I worked on some lettering for a couple of pages last night.
Maverick is still a jewel of a child. This kid slept what we would consider 'all night' last night! We fed him about 11:30 and went to sleep. The nurse took him at about 1 to give him his bath and check whatever they check. When she brought him back in a few minutes later he was asleep so I just went to sleep, too. At 5:20 this morning he hadn't made a peep! Incredible!! He probably would've slept longer, but they had to take him back down to the nursery for something else.
I am just totally overwhelmed that the Lord has blessed us with this little boy to whom I'm planning to pour out every ounce of love I have in me. I love Bailey and wasn't sure if I could love another child as much as I love Bailey, but I'm sure now that I can.
Bailey has been a good big brother since we got home. He calls him "Ma" or sometimes "Mav." The only thing he hasn't been willing to share so far are his snoopy and his blanket that's made out of the same waffly material as snoopy. My mom put Maverick in Bailey's bed this afternoon and Bailey went in immediately and got Snoopy out of the crib. A few minutes later she went to put his blanket on him and Bailey walked in right behind her and came out into the living room dragging his blanket. It was really cute.
I'll try to add more pictures as I take them, so keep checking back!

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