Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Do Over

Do you ever need a Do Over? I feel that way today because I need a Do Over for last night. I need a volleyball ref to give me the double thumbs up and let me replay the crazy night we had last night. Maverick was not in the mood to sleep last night and I wasn't in the mood to be awake! The poor little thing cried just about all night and maybe had 30 minutes of quiet from midnight until 8 this morning. I have no idea why and no idea what I can do to help from having a replay of last night again tonight. Sleep deprivation is getting old, but when I hear him cry I have to remind myself that he is a little blessing from the Lord and the fact that he can scream and squeal is evidence of life. This perspective is hard to grasp at 3 am!

On a good note, Maverick had a 3 week check up today and has gained over a lb in 10 days! He's eating well so I know it shouldn't be hunger that keeps him awake at night.

They're calling for a wintry mix in our area tonight and tomorrow which really disappoints me because Bailey won't be able to go to his PJ party at MMO since they'll probably cancel school in Rock Hill tomorrow. I'm sure I'm more disappointed than he'll be! The other issue I'll face is getting cabin fever tomorrow so we'll probably have to venture out as long as the roads are drive-able.

I need to get the boys ready to go to church because I need to leave early so I can make a Starbucks pitstop on my way or else my piano playing tonight or at least my attention span will be pretty pathetic!

Jake sent me a disposable camera of pictures from our 'housing' in El Paso so if any of those pictures is post worthy or at least laugh worthy I'll add one when I get the camera developed. This should be interesting. However, we're moving to this place with the anticipation and hope that we'll get moved into a brand new, never lived in house in 9 months or so - that is IF we get to stay in El Paso! Nothing in my life will ever be set in stone again.

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Chris Whisonant said...

Sorry about the long night... :(

When you're posting, you may have to hit enter twice for your paragraphs? I think that should get you going - it's a pain, but line breaks and paragraph breaks are different in html...

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