Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Mother of the Year

Reading another blog reminded me of the many times in my parenting journey that I should have earned Mother of the Year honors. As a matter of fact, one happened during the Super Bowl!!

Bailey, Maverick and I went to the Gale's to watch the game and hang out with some other friends from church. When it came time to eat, when Bailey figured out there was food (chex mix in particular), I had to free my arms of Maverick so I went and laid him down in the middle of a bed in their sons' bedroom. I fixed Bailey's plate and got him all settled at a little table so he could eat. A little while later Amanda, a friend from church, comes walking through with him and said he was crying. My first response, verbal and all, was "I forgot about him!" To that, I got loud, roaring laughter from all the other parents of small children in the room! Oops!! I would've eventually checked on him, but Bailey needed food and I was socializing.

I also remembered the time that I was unloading or loading the dishwasher and walked out of the room for a minute, leaving the dishwasher opened. When I came back into the kitchen, Bailey was standing there with a knife in his hand that he had taken out of the dishwasher. I had also walked in one other time to find Bailey sitting on the open lid to the dishwasher. It did make a good picture, but I've definitely learned my lesson about leaving the dishwasher opened and walking out of the room.

I guess I better mention what happened Saturday at Super Walmart! I wrote once before about Bailey eating through the weiners and bread at Super Target. Well, Saturday we were standing in line to check out and I was just waiting as patiently as I could (Note to self - NEVER shop at Walmart on a Saturday afternoon) to check out. A lady who was in the line beside me turned around to me and said "He's eating a banana, peel and all." I almost had to laugh out loud when I saw him holding the whole bunch of bananas and one of them was half eaten, peel and all! I gracefully took them away from him and made him a little seat on the coke boxes and he sat there for the rest of our trip to the store.

There was also a night when I was going to a Ladies Night Out and Bailey was going to the church nursery to hang out during the dinner and program. In the car I heard the velcro from one of his shoes coming undone and didn't think anything of it until we were walking across the parking lot and I noticed he was walking funny! I looked down to see that he only had 1 shoe on and the other was still in the van. I walked inside to drop him off and offered to go get his other shoe, but my friends in the preschool area didn't think it would be necessary. I was pregnant and I think they felt sorry for me!

My Mother of the Year moments pale in comparison to my friend whose 2 year old ate one of her birth control pills thinking it was candy!!

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Karen said...

Don't feel bad. Carter went a full day when he was 2 with a broken arm before we figured it out. Then just this past summer, he had a broken arm for a full week before we figured out that the ER had x-rayed the WRONG ARM!!! So I messed him up TWICE!! That's just he beginning of my Mother of the Year award!

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