Saturday, February 10, 2007

Bailey's Current Obsession

Bailey is obsessed, yes obsessed, with trains at this point in his life. At home you can find him lining his trains up on the couch and then crashing them back into the floor with his arm. So far Maverick has only fallen victim to this tactic once! We thought we had lost a motorized Thomas that he had gotten for Christmas, but it's been found. So now that he's rediscovered it, he needs it turned on constantly. I think I've gotten it out from behind the couch at least 5 times today. He wouldn't even let me take it away when he took a nap today. He insisted it be on the entire time he was in there. That was until 45 minutes into his nap I heard it sound like it was stuck against something making its "chik-chik-chik" clicking noise. The noise must've woken him up because he was sitting up holding it in his hand. I finally got him to let me turn it off, but as soon as he woke up, it had to be turned back on.

Later this afternoon he thought he would see if Maverick would enjoy a massage from the motorized Thomas. I looked up from doing dishes and saw him holding the train to Maverick's face while Maverick is innocently napping on the couch. Maverick was pretty much unphased. After seeing him do this 2x and then going into just slamming it into everything, it had to be taken away and turned off. So now it sits on my counter by the sink.

He can also sit and watch the same 45 minute Thomas video over and over and over and over! His latest thing is to point at the TV and motion with his hand and say "T" and then say "Choo." That's my cue that if I don't let him turn on the TV and turn on Thomas I'm in for a fight. Many times it is a fight, like today! I didn't give in to his antics today! Yeah for me!

He has a shirt with Thomas on it and while I was folding clothes he saw it and just started walking around with it pointing at the shirt saying "choo." He can walk into our friends house and spot anything Thomas in a heartbeat. He's like a blood hound! He even found the box to a track one his friends had gotten for Christmas and walked around dragging it for a little while and then just sat down and stared at it. I think he was dreaming of the ultimate track!

We're working on getting him a train table for his birthday so once that happens, I will never see him! Now when we take him to Barnes and Noble so he can play with their trains we have to drag him out kicking and screaming - literally!!!

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