Sunday, February 11, 2007

1 Month Old

Today Maverick is officially 1 month old! He's grown like a weed - if only he'd sleep like a log. We're still working on that part. Some nights are good, some nights are not so good. He's a sweet little boy and is starting to be more attentive and interested in the things around him. I could just cuddle with him all day long and never get anything accomplished. I do the "never get anything accomplished" part pretty well and I'm not just sitting around holding him all day. I did manage to get one more bag ready to go to the Goodwill drop off over the weekend. Jake would be so proud!

Now to a random story - When I talked to Jake tonight, he reminded me about our run in with the Papa John's guy a few years ago and it made me lose my breath laughing about it. About 2 years ago, we got like 8-12 inches of snow or something like that and were shut up in our house for 2 days or so with not much to do. So we decided in our boredom to order a pizza. We like pizza, but it's not like us to order pizza since we're usually on some sort of a diet. We have before and after pictures to prove it. So the pizza guy shows up at the door and I go to get the pizza and pay for it. When I opened the door, I noticed there was a pit bull walking around in our front yard. I asked the pizza man if it was his dog and he said it wasn't. The next thing I know the dog is on our front porch and (I'm laughing as I type) spots our cat, Duchess, and proceeds to bound through the door to get her. I start screaming and run into the bedroom where Jake is lying in the bed watching TV to get him to get the dog out and rescue Duchess. He thought the dog was after me and slammed the bedroom door, locking both of us in there, leaving the dog, the cat and the pizza man in the living room. Then he starts yelling at the pizza man to get the dog out. All the while I'm hysterical thinking my cat is going to be in a million pieces by the time the dog is out of the house. When we open the door, we find that pizza man has dropped his bag of pizzas and has lost his glasses on the floor somewhere in this fight with the pit bull that isn't his! Once we got his glasses put back on and squared away our pizza deal, we sent him out the back door to avoid any further run in with the pit bull. A little while later the dog had wandered back to our house. We found out that it belonged to someone down the street and it had just gotten loose somehow. We did threaten to call animal control if it ever came back to our house. To this day, we see that pizza delivery guy around town and just have to laugh at the mess we got him into on that cold, snowy day in Fort Mill. Jake still can't believe I would get that hysterical over the cat.

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Emily said...

LOL...that is such a funny story.

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