Saturday, February 17, 2007

We're Home

After going 24 hours without the oxygen feed, Maverick was released from the hospital this morning. Our only drama was waiting for the guy to deliver the nebulizer. I told the nurses we were trying to get out by 10 if at all possible, but we didn't end up leaving until about 10:20, which worked out perfect because Pat Maness showed up to check on us just in time to help take all of my bags and Maverick out to the car.

We also got to go pick up Jake from the airport! He was the reason we were trying to get out of the hospital by 10. Yeah!! He's home until Monday. We had been planning on him coming home for over a week, but didn't know for sure if he was coming until Thursday. The timing was perfect with all that has transpired on the home front this week. However, I didn't anticipate seeing him in a sling when I picked him up. He dislocated his shoulder doing combatives Friday at Fort Sill. They popped it back into place and he's in a sling and taking valium until tomorrow. He didn't tell me about it on the phone because he didn't want me to be worried about one more thing.

Maverick is doing well. We've given him 1 breathing treatment since he's been home and are doing 1 every 8 hours for a week.

I think Bailey is glad to be back at home with his ever growing train collection. The battery powered Thomas has been running for about an hour and is currently road blocked by the entertainment center so it's making its annoying 'click-click-click' noise. Oh the wonderful sounds of home!

My mom, stepdad, aunt Claudia, and Tim Ooten stopped by for a little while this afternoon on their way to Jacksonville for a cruise this week. I think they're going to try and eat at The Lady and Sons in Savannah tonight so I'm extremely jealous! I think I've earned a trip to Lady and Sons and to the Bahamas, don't you? Someday...I'd take a solo trip to Kohl's for now!

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