Friday, February 16, 2007

Friday Update

They removed Maverick's oxygen this morning. Maverick is doing well. One of the respiratory therapists even commented that he didn't know why they were doing his breathing treatments so often because his lungs sounded clear. That was nice to hear. So as long as nothing crazy happens tonight, I'm planning for us to come home tomorrow morning. I have a very important pick up to make by 10:30 so I'm going to tell them I have to be out of there by 10am! We'll see if they go for it or can get all the ducks in a row to get us out of there when I'd like to be.

Thanks for praying for us this week.

Jake's mom brought Bailey to the hospital this afternoon. I hadn't seen him since we took Maverick to the hospital on Wednesday so we're hanging out for a little while before I head back to the hospital. We took a little trip to Target and got him a new train - he needed that like a hole in the head, but since I haven't seen him in a few days I thought it would be nice of me to get him something he'd absolutely LOVE! Besides, it was on sale! I have some goodies in Maverick's hospital room that I'm going to let him have some of so he'll like that, too.

Better get back on the road. I'm trying to get back before the Dr. gets there this afternoon. Hopefully tomorrow we'll be back to normal, well, sort of...

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