Sunday, March 4, 2007


Tonight I did something very stupid! On Sunday nights, I usually drop both boys off at Jake's parent's house so that I can go to the church a little bit early to gather supplies for the 5 year olds and get all of the administrative things done for the Sunday night preschoolers. When I got to GG and Paw's this afternoon, Bailey pitched a fit. He's having some separation anxiety issues and gets emotional just about every time we turn the corner to go to GG and Paw's. I think it's because he spent a few days there when I was in the hospital with Maverick so he may think any time I leave him there I'm going to be gone for a long time. At least that's the theory I'm clinging to right now. So I ended up leaving Maverick there and taking Bailey with me to the church. He walked his little legs off following me around from room to room when he wasn't sitting at the front desk eating his pretzels. I meant to call GG and tell her not to worry about bringing Maverick to the church at all, but just never got around to it. So when she got there, I told her she could go ahead and take Maverick home. An hour and a half later, she came to get Bailey. While she was getting Bailey's jacket on in his class, I walked across the hallway to the nursery to get Maverick. I must've had the craziest look on my face because I didn't see him in there or any of his stuff. I couldn't figure out who would've come and gotten him or why they would've let him go with anyone other than me or GG. Then I realized and said out loud "My child isn't even here tonight." The nursery workers all just laughed at me. I walked out and felt like a total idiot.

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