Monday, March 5, 2007


Today a VP from the moving company came to get an estimate of the weight of our household goods. It took her a whole 5 minutes to walk through our place. I felt bad for her because she drove 2 hours from Greenville to get here and had to sit in traffic on 85 around Gaffney and was only here for that little bit of time. The good news is I don't have to pack anything! Not a thing! Anything I do pack will be unpacked and repacked. Apparently that's a military issue. The bad news is I'll be without all of our earthly possessions for about 2 weeks. I guess I'll have time to really understand that all of this 'stuff' isn't as important and necessary as I think it is. I've already been trying to figure out how we'll fill our days without a TV since that's about all we do now. I guess we'll have to make trips to the library and the good playgrounds at Fort Bliss. If you know me at all, not having internet/computer access 24-7 will be my biggest issue. I might be talking Jake into a new laptop after all!

April 1st will be here before I know it! I do have 3 bags to take to Goodwill in the back of my van right now. That's progress and I'm about to go through all my gift bags and condense them down to one container! Think it's possible....

I took Bailey to get his nappy head of hair cut tonight and he was excellent! I told the girl I wanted it cut shorter than we've been cutting it so she tried about 4 different guards before it was about the length that I wanted. He sat in the chair on the little booster seat all by himself. That's the first time he's not had to sit in our lap. The stylists, if you can call them that, were all so impressed with how good he was during the whole ordeal. I think I was just utterly shocked by him being still and not fighting us the whole time. He earned his trip to the Chick Fil A playground and the free cookie he has figured out he gets when we do our grocery shopping at Target! When I walked out of the fruit department and the opposite direction of the bakery, he looked at me like "Aren't you forgetting something?" Then when we passed the sample tray for the deli he pointed at it like "There's the treasure!" The smile on his face when I pulled up to the free cookies at the bakery was priceless. When he was finished with his iced cookie, he got whiny because his hands were dirty. I didn't have any wipes with me so he just had to have icing covered hands and mouth for the rest of our grocery shopping trip. He has his first 'school' pictures tomorrow. I can't wait to see this proof!

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Emily said...

Oh, I am SO jealous. That's awesome that you don't have to pack or repack. Man. That is wonderful.

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