Thursday, March 8, 2007

Praise the Lord for the swing

Maverick has been a much different baby than Bailey was or else I've been able to put those early days out of my mind! Maverick desires alot more individual attention and makes his desire known - loud and clear. I decided the other day that I was going to pull out all the stops to find something that he would enjoy and would keep him content. I really don't care what it costs me. He doesn't like the bouncy seat that Bailey loved. So I decided as much as I didn't want to have the monstrosity of a swing in my living room that it was worth a try. Last night when I went to pick up the boys from GG's, I brought my swing home. Jake had taken it out of their attic, but didn't bring it home. I'm not sure why, but I got all the pieces and brought it home. Today I put it together and Maverick has been pretty content since his first ride. Bless the Lord! I really have thought I would go nuts if I had to hold him all the time. If I didn't have tons to do, I'd love to hold him all day long, but unfortunately, there are things this 'single' mother needs to do.

This week is the semi-annual consignment sale at the Fort Mill Armory. I had 2 things on my list - a play mat/gym for Maverick and wooden puzzles for Bailey. I managed to find both! Bailey has 10 new puzzles. Needless to say the first night there were wooden puzzle pieces EVERYWHERE! I had to put a few of them away to lessen the mess that could be made. I left the ones I knew he would like out - cars, trains, heavy machinery. I walked into his room a few minutes ago to this...You can walk in my house at any moment during the day and you'll find he's lined something up somewhere.

If you need to be challenged in your perspective on your church choosing habits, check out for Steven's latest entry. In the course of our military career, we'll have lots of opportunities to visit various churches and decide where we'll call our 'church home.' I pray that as we begin that journey that we'll always be attentive to the Holy Spirit to direct us to the place where we can best bring honor and glory to Christ, where we are right where He wants us.


Grammy said...

I was always shocked that Bailey did not like the swing. Now I see it was Mommy didn't like the swing taking up so much space. I could not have survived Todd or Jen either one without a swing. Todd used to cry when it stopped moving and he would stop crying as soon as he heard us turning the old crank to wind it up again. Jen would sit happily even if it stopped swinging!!! I guess it was comfortable.

Madtoad said...

I loved me the swing. By the way, Jenny Jen Jen, I have a blog too!

If you're interested, though I tell less stories and mostly put up links to weird or neat things i find on the internets.

Love ya sis!

Jed said...

I loved stevens blog the other day... i put a link to it up as did Matt

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