Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Girl Power

Yesterday I had this weird urge to go to Garden Ridge. I needed to get a couple of storage boxes that they have on clearance for like $2. While I was there, I decided to venture over to their dining room tables and see what they had. There it was - - THE table I wanted and even better, it was on sale! I walked away and thought about it for a few minutes and decided this was a good deal and would all be in a box so it wouldn't be hard to keep at my place until the movers come next week. I also thought that since I have a mini-van I would be able to fit it in there to get it home. After I paid for it, 2 nice Garden Ridge worker boys tried to get it in the van - NO CIGAR! It wouldn't fit with the boys' seats in there. So I came home trying to figure out what I would do - I had already paid for it so I just had to figure out how to get it home. I got so discouraged trying to figure it out that I just had to get a blanket and laid on the couch to watch the Unit until I could get back in a good frame of mind. I really was on the verge of tears over a table! I had even called Garden Ridge to tell them I didn't think I could get it out of my car once I got home even if I was able to pick it up somehow so I would just go in today and return it and get my money back.

Friends to the rescue!! I had called Cindy just to see if she had any ideas. The box weighed 173 lbs so I knew I would need some serious help getting it out. Cindy's usually pretty ingenious about helping me out of these crazy situations! Then I got an email from Sheri and mentioned in my response that I had bought this table, yadda, yadda, yadda...She emails me back and says "Duh - Bradd has a truck." That solved my pick up problem. Then I had to figure out the 'get the monstrous box in the house' problem. So I called Cindy and another stay at home mom friend, Jennifer, to see if they could come to the house for a few minutes to help us carry this thing in. My wonderful friends agreed. So this morning we picked up the table from Garden Ridge and converged at my place to show our true girl power and carried the big box into the house! Yeah Us!!! Yeah for friends who help me out of my strangest predicaments.

So now I have a new table with 6 chairs in 1 box! Jake emailed me and told me that I had earned a new comforter and stuff for our bedroom since I had sucked up this single mom thing for the past 10 months. He even said I could have whatever I want!!! If you know Jake, you know this is big because he has an opinion about these kinds of things for some reason. He's the reason we have what we have now! So on top of getting my house ready to be packed on Monday, I get to buy new stuff for the bedroom. Which do you think will take priority???


Jody Jennings said...

That's great. I'm so glad you got the table, gotta love those "God-Deals", you know?

Karen said...

It's so amazing how you find these awesome deals when you least expect it. Post a picture when you get all settled at your new home! I love to see a picture of it!

Chris Whisonant said...

Congrats on the table. Even though LT did say you could pick out the comforter, might I suggest something in Army Green?

Maybe something like this... ;)

Grammy said...

Wish I had been there. I like to flex my muscles once in a while. I don't suppose the movers will put it together for you in El Paso? That would be nice. Or Jake can use his new power screw driver.

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