Saturday, March 24, 2007

You had me at hello

I had to use that as a title because Jerry Maguire is on TV in the background and that's all I can think of except for "You complete me" and "Show me the money." I'm not sure I've ever seen Jerry Maguire in its entirety, but I've seen enough to satisfy me. Jerry Maguire made the TBS rotation about 6 months ago, so it's been on more lately than I'd like to remember. We joked before Maverick was born that his name should've been Maverick Cole Jerry because Maverick and Cole are two of Tom Cruise's characters' names. This was done inadvertently. Neither of us has ever seen Days of Thunder so we wouldn't have known his name was Cole. Nonetheless...

We've had a busy couple of days working on misc. details, visiting friends, celebrating Bailey's birthday, etc. I'm convinced that everything that happens to me becomes more complicated than is necessary. A good friend reminded me that those times are times I get to rejoice and trust the Lord more fully. It's hard to keep that perspective, but it really is the truth!

Tomorrow is baby dedication at FBC FM and since I knew Jake wouldn't be here I didn't now how I would handle it. Do we just wait and do it somewhere else? Do I do it by myself? Can we get Jake to do a video tape or something? Well, video became the plan. Then it got complicated. Jake didn't have access to the videocamera at Fort Sill for 2 weeks. He finally got it made, but couldn't get permission to go to the Post office during business hours. So it finally arrived Thursday, 2 days ago. I took the MiniDv to the Whisonant's house to download to a file so we could email it to the church. We watched the entire MiniDv and there was NOTHING on it! NOTHING! We think it got erased by the xray machine or something. So we went to plan B and had him call a friend who works for Billy Graham and recorded his little intro over the phone. I've not heard it so it will be a surprise for me, too.

I purchased my new comforter set today! I can't wait to get to EP and actually put it on the bed. It's the little things that get me excited.

I have a ton of things I feel like I need to do between now and Monday morning when the packers show up. My motivation comes in spurts and right now I'm not having a spurt! I was up until 2 this morning and I have a feeling that tonight and tomorrow night will be much the same. I am the epitome of a procrastinator!

Bailey just ran in the door with the bubble pig! Better go protect the house from bubbles. I'll have to post a picture of Bailey on his John Deer tractor! It's so cute and so is he!

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