Saturday, March 3, 2007

Office Supplies

From the time I was little bitty, I always wanted to be a school teacher. At the end of about 2nd grade, maybe 3rd, my teacher gave me all these left over worksheets from the year that she wasn't going to use the next year. I remember alot of them being different kinds of birds. I can remember spending hours in my bedroom sorting those worksheets and filing them in my file cabinet. It says something about my aspirations that I had an actual metal file cabinet in my bedroom just for all my 'school' stuff. I had a pretend class full of students, a color chart for them to change their color when they got in trouble, and an actual grade book. I also had lots of other office supplies necessary to be a good teacher - stapler, tape dispenser, red pens, paper clips, etc. This was just the beginning of my life long obsession with office supplies!

Yesterday Bailey went to the Wilsons to play with Harrison for the morning so I went through my stash of office supplies to see if there was anything with which I was willing to part. I'd love to say it was just a drawer I had to go through, but that's not the case. I'm talking 8-10 rubbermaid drawers full of stuff. You also have to remember that I'm married to a former high school teacher so when his tenure as teacher was over I inherited all of his stuff, too! Between the two of us, I think we had 3 staplers, 2 tape dispensers, pens out the wazzoo, enough dry erase markers to last about 5 years, 5 or 6 pairs of scissors which doesn't include the scissors I already have in several places around the house that I use regularly, and enough unsharpened pencils for the entire 3rd grade at Fort Mill Elementary to use to take their standardized tests! I sat and tested every pen and marker to see if they still worked. I trashed many, but then I decided the preschool area at the church could benefit from the things I have that I really don't need, but don't necessarily merit being trashed. So I have a box full of pens, scissors, staplers and other miscellaneous supplies to donate.

I was telling some friends about my office supply sort and 2 of them could vouch for how necessary some of my donations will be to the preschool area. We can never find adult scissors any where. It's like they grow legs and walk so I can help in that area. Another said she was working the welcome center and some how by the end of the morning all the pen cups were empty! I'm sure in my donations I have enough pens to fill the cups for a year.

Thinking about office supplies reminds me of one of my favorite movies, "You've Got Mail." In one of their exchanges, Joe Fox and Kathleen Kelly begin to talk about their love for NYC in the fall. Joe tells her that if he knew her name and where she was that he would deliver her a 'bouquet of newly sharpened pencils.' The next scene, Kathleen is walking around her store smelling the scotch tape! Maybe I like that movie because they speak highly of the office supplies that I love so much!

So...I'm making progress on my clean and toss! If any of my local friends ever needs an office supply or a pen in a certain color, just stop by! I'm sure I have it! Maybe when Jake is Lt Col Wade, I can have a room dedicated to my office supplies and my books. The books are another post entirely! The book post would require me to admit that as a child I had all of my books color coded and placed on the bookshelf alphabetically! I do have 6 hours toward a Masters degree in Library Science!


Rebecca said...

Some people may not remember when dry erase boards first came out they were quite expensive and you only saw them in fancy office meeting rooms. Santa searched high and low and paid a pretty price for the 3'x5' one Jen got for Christmas when she was about 12 years old, but she wanted that more than anything Toys-R-Us had to offer.

Jen said...

Santa probably remembers that he didn't hide that dry erase board very well, either!

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