Sunday, April 8, 2007

First Sunday in EP

We've spent our first Sunday in El Paso and needless to say it was difficult, but even in my stubbornness and pride, God is still good. We visited FBCEP this morning. We were greeted almost as soon as we got out of the car with "Happy Resurrection Day." Bailey had on his seersucker and got rave compliments and lots of smiles. One of the ladies in the nursery said he needed to wear the suit every Sunday. Maybe his cuteness can overshadow his badness! He didn't want to go to his class, but that's pretty typical. I'm still not sure he was in the right class, but we'll get that all figured out if we feel like FBC is where the Lord wants us.

The service at FBCEP was more traditional than I've grown accustomed to, but we sang or heard 2 of my all time favorite songs - When I survey the wondrous cross in the choir setting that does the 2nd or 3rd verse in a minor key. Anyone who has ever sung in a traditional church choir knows what I'm talking about. The choir sang Brooklyn Tabernacle's "Calvary Came Through" as the closing to the sermon and I think the Lord planned that just for me. He knows that's my favorite Brooklyn Tab song and He knew I needed to be reminded that "just when I thought I'd been defeated, the cross was all I needed."

We had lunch with the Barrons at Cracker Barrel. Allen Barron is in Jake's class and his wife, Lori, is pregnant with their first child due May 8th. Lori and I have been emailing back and forth for a while so it was nice to get to have a face to face conversation with her and know she'll be a good friend while we're here in EP.

Things are looking up with the movers bringing our stuff tomorrow. Bailey and his daddy have had several 'come to Jesus' conversations so his behavior has been much better the past couple of days. Keep praying for us as we continue to make adjustments and attempt to somewhat establish ourselves this week.

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