Sunday, April 29, 2007

Small World

As you know, the Wades have been visiting FBC EP for the past few weeks and I think we're on our way to calling it 'home.' Wednesday night I went to choir practice all by myself! It was a pretty laid back experience and the people were very warm toward me. I will say that I was one of the youngest people there, though. Thursday morning, the children's minister came to the house and visited for a little while. She's got a great heart for children and has some cool vision for the children at FBC. Friday I got an email from the Worship and Media minister, Jim, inviting us to have lunch with him and his wife today after church. We agreed and warned him about our 2 year old who doesn't do eating out well. We ended up just going to McDonald's and Bailey ate his happy meal and then explored the restaurant while we chatted. I made sure I could see him and we decided it was time to go when he was getting brave enough to walk out of my sight and then started pushing the exit door open.

We had a great visit with Jim and his wife and we feel like we'll be able to be used in the music ministry in multiple ways. From our conversation, FBC EP is in the midst of a transition period with several staff members who are fairly new, 2 years or so of service, to the church. They've got a vision for reaching the residents of the Fort Bliss community with the gospel. At this point, there are no churches in El Paso who are working to impact the thousands of soldiers and families who live in the area. Within the next 3 years there will be an additional 20,000 residents to Fort Bliss moving here with the relocation of the First Armored Division. The mission field is huge!

While we were talking about my past music experiences, I mentioned that I had travelled for 2 years with
Life Action and Jim and his wife's eyes lit up. You see, when you mention Life Action and people know of the ministry (most don't) you wait for their response before you proceed. As has been said by many who are familiar with the ministry of Life Action - You either love Life Action or you hate it! Life Action either has a great positive impact in a church or in the worst case scenario, churches split. Is this an accurate description, my fellow LA readers? Jim's response to Life Action was that was the only true revival he's ever been a part of. The other funny thing they said about Life Action is that they ended up adopting a dog from the Canfields before they went to the Cayman Islands. They were at a church in the Austin area who hosted a crusade in 1995, I think. So from the get go, Jim and I have some common ground!


Jennifer said...

Tonight here in good old Rock Hill; we had prayer at the Vehaun's home...and I couldn't get you and Jake off my mind. I didn't know why and now that I've read your blog, I do know. I just kept praying privately to the Lord for you and Jake in your mission field there. God is so amazing! We love you!

Jeff, Judith, Lauren, Emily, Daniel, Amy, and Joel said...

Jen, that is really neat that they know about Life Action and adopted the Canfield's dog. You are sure is a small world. Yes, I agree with your discription of LA, it is right on!!

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