Monday, April 30, 2007

Triumphs and Tantrums

I forgot to post over the weekend that Maverick is now an accomplished belly to back roller! Yeah! He can roll both directions so there's no propping him against one bumper of the crib to keep him from rolling onto his back at night. One milestone reached!

As far as the other little person, with big attitude, in the Wade house - He's in BIG trouble and he knows it. Today I was going to get a lot accomplished before noon. I had already been to the Soldier Family Medical Clinic to get his shot record updated so we can get to work on finding him some sort of part time something to do during the day to add some structure back to his life. I was done with that by 8. We went to drop off the registration from at FBC for their Mother's Day Out program. He of course was a wild man and went exploring in the church office. I had to chase him down in the Music Minister's new office and walked out past the senior pastor and just sort of smiled and said hello! I had to chase him down a hallway and into a 1st grade Sunday School room before I picked him up and carried him most of the way to the car. Did I mention that somewhere in this fiasco I put my checkbook down and haven't quite figured out where? That's beside the point...

After we left the church I was going to go to Target and get a few little miscellaneous items. I got to the parking lot. Turned the car off. Got out. Locked the doors. Walked to the parking lot buggy corral to get a buggy. (it was right next to the car - my personal strategy - park close to the buggies). Got Bailey out of the car and put him in the big part of the buggy. For 5 minutes, it seemed, Bailey pitched a fit and attempted to climb out of the buggy while I was attempting to get Maverick out of the car. Maverick didn't make it out of the car by the time I was so furious with Bailey that I told him we were coming home and he would go to his room and not watch TV the rest of the day.

When we got home, he went to his room. I unplugged the tv in his room and took it to my bedroom where it will stay for a while. Then I decided that I would put the gate up on his door so he would have to stay in his room. He fought that of course! I finally was able to get it wedged in good enough. Did I mention that he's screaming bloody murder this entire time? He managed to climb over the gate 1x, but I put him back in his room and watched him attempt to get out again. I was prepared to watch him fall flat on his face! If he wanted to be brave enough to try, he could face the consequences! He finally gave up, about 15 minutes later, and crawled in his bed and went to sleep. He knew I wasn't budging. He came out when he woke up and ate and has been pretty well behaved since then.

We did manage to go back to Target to pick up my miscellaneous goods. I haven't started my quest to find the checkbook yet. Bailey has not even attempted to turn the TV on in the living room since we got home. I think he gets it for today. Tomorrow is always a whole new challenge!

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Jennifer said...

I love it! I'm not the only one that gets so furious that I need to remove TVs and Cd players from my child's life! Poor Bay - at least he got it for Monday...just enjoy that triumph! Here's hoping you had a better Tuesday. We're headed to Thirsty tomorrow in Hot-lanta...without children, even!

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