Thursday, May 3, 2007

Mother's Day Out

Bailey started his new little Mother's Day Out program this morning and it was a fight to the finish! I dropped him off kicking and screaming. He was trying to escape as I was signing him in! I feel bad for this teachers until he decides to, as has become the catch phrase for hard times in the Army, "embrace the suck and drive on." I'm just hoping I don't hear my cell phone going off with them saying come get your wild child! They're pretty patient with him and usually he calms down.

I have to be back at the church around 11 to play for the National Day of Prayer Service they're having at FBC EP. I'm playing keyboard for the praise team and was a little caught off guard that they're/we're playing today. Jake understood that they were playing, but for some reason I missed that memo until Tuesday night when I was at practice and we went through a whole set of stuff for today. I think I'm going to enjoy playing with this group. It's pretty laid back and I don't have major parts to play. I am going to miss singing, though. That's the hard thing about being a singer and pianist. In most cases, you either do one or the other. We'll see what we can work out here.

Jake got a call at 5 this morning from our friend Allen letting him know that Lori, his wife, is in labor and they're hoping to have their baby boy, Connor James, by lunch time. Yeah! I think Jake's going to go to the hospital on his lunch break to hang out since they don't have any family here and Jake doesn't want Allen to have to sit at the hospital alone all day. I'll probably try and go up tonight after Jake gets home and can keep the boys. We decided this morning that we were going to have to keep alive the Vehaun's "Mounds/Almond Joy" tradition. When Bailey was born, they sent us a package of Almond Joys with a note attached that said "Almond Joy's got nuts, Mounds don't." We got Almond Joys when Maverick was born, too. Hopefully I don't have to explain that any more than that! If you need further explanation, email me. If you're sitting there dumbfounded that I would even write such a thing, you're having the same feeling I had when we got our first Almond Joys from the Vehauns. It is funny, you have to admit.


Peggy said...

The Almond Joy thing is too funny! I knew what it meant right away! I'll have to remember that next time a friend has a baby boy! Although, come to think of it, I don't think we can get Mounds and Almond Joys in Canada. Oh well!

Karen said...

I'll have to remember that for the next person to have a baby! (not me for quite a while!)

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